We Are Here And I Don’t Like It

Robyne Stevenson
3 min readOct 26, 2023


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I don’t want to be on this place along the historical and political continuum. I want to be where there is some agreement, where my rights aren’t threatened, where I don’t have to read horrific stories about children in sweatshops and meatpacking plants, people being killed by a mass murderer in a grocery or bowling alley, where children aren’t gunned down in schools, where religion isn’t foisted on me with moral certainty.

A new Speaker of the House was elected yesterday, putting us squarely in position as a christo-fascist, authoritarian nation. Welcome to Hungary. A news report chronicled yet another mysterious loan paid off for a Supreme Court Justice. First, it was Kavanaugh, today it’s Thomas. Justice is no longer blind. It is a wink, wink, nudge.

I don’t want the times I live in to be what they are. It’s distressing. It’s horrifying. It’s brutal. If I were black I could have said the same things about post-reconstruction America where Plessy v. Ferguson was upheld, Jim Crow was released, and lynchings were a part of life. Now it’s my turn to feel the vice grip of unfairness, inequality, oppression, and terror. I don’t like it.

Yet, this is where we are. They’ve come for us, the people who thought they would not face this day. It’s here. It’s our duty as a human being to fight back. Organize. Vote. Reject their positions. Do all of this while we can. In Russia, Hungary, and China — you can’t.

I’ve always believed that our institutions would protect us — a mighty scaffolding that could be adjusted, tweaked, and made better for all. I fear it was a house of cards, built on trust and truth.

Sadly, the authoritarians and fascists don’t care about trust and truth. They lie and cheat at every turn. While the courts are catching some of them, they let go free the most dangerous ones. Enrique Torres got 30 years. Sydney Powell gets a misdemeanor and is required to testify. She seems to be reneging on all of it. Will she lose her plea deal and go to trial?

And then we must consider the King in waiting. I don’t speak his name but you know who he is. He should be in jail for treason. Instead, he’s getting fined $10,000 for violating a gag order and intimidating witnesses. He’s acting like a Roman emperor with his thumbs-up or thumbs-down on Speaker candidates. The movie is writing itself at this point. It’s a sleazy Grade B porn-house flick that should never be made, let alone shown. But it’s on the news 24–7.

We are in a corporate media feeding frenzy of disinformation, half-truths, and outright lies. The list of who I trust grows smaller. The weight of disdain and concern is crushing my spirit. That’s what stochastic terrorism is supposed to do. It’s working until I realize what it is and shake it off. Too many people will not realize it. Too many people will accept anything as long as NFL Sunday is available and they can gamble online. I use this as an example of distraction, not a derision of football.

We are here and I don’t like it. While I have the freedom to do something about it, I will. I’m not sure how long that will be. I am not looking forward to the chaos that is coming or enjoying the chaos that is here. Freedom isn’t free as they say. I’m ready to put my money down and get out of where we are and onto a space that provides freedom, choice, equality, and fairness. How radical of me.



Robyne Stevenson

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